Congratulations to San Gabriel Police Officer Enrique De Anda


On Tuesday February 7, 2017, San Gabriel Police Officer Enrique De Anda, was the first ever recipient of the San Gabriel Police Department's, Life Saving Medal.  The medal was presented to Officer De Anda by Chief of Police Gene Harris, at the city council meeting in front of his family and friends, and members of the San Gabriel community.  Officer De Anda was humbled and honored to receive such a prestigious award as his loved ones looked on.

In the month of August 2016, Officer De Anda and his partners received a call for service of an overturned vehicle traffic collision in the area of Broadway and Delta Street.  When Officer De Anda arrived on scene, he realized that the driver of the vehicle that had rolled over, had one of his arms severed off as a result of the collision.  Officer De Anda climbed inside of the overturned vehicle, and saw that the driver was bleeding profusely from the injury to his arm. 

While inside of the vehicle, Officer De Anda called for a tourniquet, which was quickly brought to him.  De Anda was able to apply the tourniquet onto the portion of the driver's arm that remained, and prevented the driver from bleeding to death.  The driver was subsequently transported to the hospital and treated for his injuries.  It was later confirmed by hospital officials that if it were not for Officer De Anda's quick thinking and heroic actions, the driver would have surely died from his injuries.  

After receiving his award and well deserved recognition, Officer De Anda played down his life saving actions and stated it was all a part of his duty as a San Gabriel police officer.  Officer De Anda's actions that night truly embody the type of character he possesses and the dedication he shows every day as a San Gabriel Police Officer.  

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