San Gabriel Police and Fire Appreciation Lunch Event

ATT 1447616400039 20151112 130901321321111111111111The Kiwanis Club of San Gabriel hosted its first annual San Gabriel Police Officers and Firefighters Appreciation Lunch event at the San Gabriel Hilton Hotel. The event was a HUGE success and surpassed the expectations of the event's organizers.  It drew in many community leaders and residents who came to show their appreciation to those who serve their great community. 

Members of the San Gabriel Police and Fire Departments attended this very honorable event and were humbled to receive so many thanks from the people who's opinion matters most, those of the community we serve!

Law Enforcement is one of the toughest and most thankless jobs. In the last year or so, law enforcement has been hit hard by negative sentiment around the country. Events such as these help to remind police officers that there are still so many great people in this community who support their police officers and the work we do.
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