SGPOA Endorses Denise Menchaca for San Gabriel City Council

The San Gabriel Police Officers' Association has endorsed Denise Menchaca for San Gabriel City Council.   There are two available seats on the next council election, which will be held on March  The membership recently met with Denise, who explained her vision for the City. Denise spent a good part of the meeting answering questions from the group, where she identified several problems with the City that need to be addressed.  

Denise explained her plans on how to bring more diverse businesses into San Gabriel, which will serve the diverse community in the city.  She explained how the City needs smart development, that will better utilize valuable commercial property for businesses that will bring in much needed tax revenue.  
Denise also explained how public safety has been marginalized by city leaders as of late, and how she plans to make public safety a priority again.  She explained that without strong public safety; the city would be less attractive to prospective businesses, who might take their business elsewhere.  The residents and businesses of San Gabriel deserve to have valued police and fire departments, who are properly compensated for putting their lives on the line each and every day.  
Please visit Denise Menchaca's website at the link below and see her vision for the future of San Gabriel.  


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