Slain New York Police Officer Wenjian Liu Honored by San Gabriel Police Officers

securedownloadOn Friday January 2, 2015, the San Gabriel Police Department sent six officers to New York to honor New York Police Officer Weijian Liu, who was murdered along with his partner, Officer Rafael Ramos on December 20, 2014.  Officer Liu and Ramos were both assasinated, while seated in their parked patrol unit by a coward, who shot them point blank without any warning. 

San Gabriel Police Officers; Jim Drabos, Cruz Hernandez, Steve Richardson, Vy Van, Steve Garcia, and Tim Logan flew to New York to attend the viewing and funeral of Officer Liu.  The City of San Gabriel was well represented and made proud by the delegation.  Each officer used their personal time and finances to pay for the trip except for the airfare.  That was donated by jetBlue Airways.  Unfortunately, due to scheduling conflicts no one could attend Officer Ramos' funeral, which was held the week before.  Both, Lui and Ramos were posthumously promoted to the rank of Detective by the New York Police Commissioner. 

All six San Gabriel Police Department personnel who attended were extremely grateful for having the opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of Officer Liu; and to show their respect to his family, friends, and co-workers.  Law enforcement officers from all over the United States, and Canada descended on Brooklyn in one of the most amazing demonstrations of support and comradery, for Liu and the surviving members of his family and the New York Police Department.  It was one of the largest gatherings of law enforcement personnel to mourn the death of a fellow law enforcement officer in memory.  There was no way to know for sure, but by some estimate the total number of law enforcement officers who attended was close to 25,000.  On this day, the thin blue line could not and would not be broken. 

At the viewing, Liu's father was presented with a small token of our respect to let him know that even though we work on opposite ends of the country, and we did not personally know Officer Liu, we share in their loss and hold Wenjian Liu in the highest regard.  The San Gabriel Police Officers' Association donated a glass mug with the image of the badge and station emblem of the San Gabriel Police Department, to Liu's father and another to the 84th Precinct, where Officers Liu and Ramos were both assigned. 

The San Gabriel Police Officers' Association would like to thank jetBlue Airways for their amazing generosity in offering to fly for free, members of any law enforcement agency who could to send representatives to the funeral from anywhere in the country.  jetBlue Airways is to be commended for what they did.  There are very few companies who would have done that for a police officer's funeral. 

While in New York, we had the opportunity to speak with several members of the community.  Of the people spoken to, they all offered their appreciation and respect to New York Police Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos.   Several people stated that they personally knew Liu and Ramos, from the neighborhood where they worked, and that they were both good men and good officers. 

Rest in Peace Brothers, End of Watch December 20, 2014.
Congratulations Team San Gabriel / Vernon
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